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The Urban Jungle of Luis Ortiz

Written by The Dignified Devil Photography by Luis Ortiz

“The edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.” -Hunter S. Thompson

It is in that spirit that we celebrate yet another sect of Dignified Woman. This woman reminds us that life is not just about business. Every once in awhile, she reminds us, we have to stop and smell the roses and see the forest for the trees. And, if you have the inclination to do that, do it in the nude.

This week we hunt the wild child Andrea through the eyes and lens of photographer Luis Ortiz.


Despite what many people believe, and what the photos presented here will lead you to believe, I exclusively work in urban settings. When setting up a photo shoot, I always look for that one isolated place in a crowded city that gives an outdoor feeling to the series of photos. However, even when I find that unique spot, a busy city street is usually just one block off camera.

Most of the time I already know the girls before I ask to take their photos. Actually, most of the girls are close friends of mine. I do a minimal amount of preparation for each shoot and knowing the girls helps me improvise throughout the shoot. I like to develop the concept of the shoot as I go along, and I usually let the outcome depend heavily on the mood that the subjects and I are in. Sometimes the mood is affected by the state of our friendship at the time of the shoot.

My favorite part about shooting Andrea, and my favorite part about this series of photos, is watching the way she moves when nude or semi-nude. That, to me, is way sexy.

I don’t have a problem displaying my sexuality. I think every woman naturally has a sexual side to herself, so why hide it?


One thing that men get wrong about women is that men assume that  women want to talk about sex all day. If a man wants to impress me, he better not mention sex until I do.

The most intimate thing a man can do is to share with me everything in his life. This means he also has to share his aspirations and fears. I don’t want any secrets between us.

Women live in the moment, and men plan out too far ahead in life. That’s what makes women sexier than men. Who needs the stress of thinking that far ahead?

My favorite movie about sex and love is Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and not so much because of the actual sex in the movie, but because of the passion and desire between the characters.

A man becomes dignified when he likes and appreciates a woman for everything she brings to the relationship–the entire package–and not just for her body.

If you were to look into my top dresser drawer, the first thing you would find is Victoria’s Secret Thongs.

I always feel sexy when I look at myself. I want me. I’m very turned on by the female form and it turns out I have one of those!

If I had to tell the world a secret that would surprise them, it’s that I am more attracted to and prefer the company of women over men. I find girls so much more sexy, sorry guys.

Find more of Luis Ortiz’s work on FacebookInstagram @elhartista, Twitter and his blog.

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