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That’s What She Said: Madalina Coman

10 Things Men Should Know About Women

Written by Madalina Coman Photography by Rizaldy Celi Jr.

Men have enjoyed the autonomy of self-definition for much of human history; women have not been so fortunate. The social rules constraining how women are taught to view themselves, their place in society and expectations of appropriate conduct have evolved. Today’s woman enjoys far more liberty to define herself on her own terms. It’s our pleasure to re-introduce Madaline Coman, a modern woman and former Dignified Woman from June. We had one simple request for Madalina: Tell us a few things every man should know about the modern woman. This is Madalina’s advice.

NUMBER ONE: There is No Type
Women do not have a type. You think you’re not her type? What’s the next step? Give up? Never give up! If someone asked me what my type was, I’d quickly say: tall, dark hair, dark eyes and slender. However, you have no idea how many times I’ve been attracted to guys who were as far away from this “type” as you can imagine. Lure her in with your personality and make her stay with your attention to detail.

NUMBER TWO: The Friend Zone
There is absolutely no “friend zone!” That’s just a myth. Some of the most meaningful relationships are actually born through friendships. Don’t eliminate her just because she is your friend. Use what you know about her to your advantage and get to know her likes/dislikes. Be patient and know when to make your move. It might take time, but you’ll get there and you’ll get there much faster than a guy who knows nothing about her! 

NUMBER THREE: Don’t be too Ethical
Nope, there’s no spelling mistake here. Really… Don’t try to follow all the rules in the book. Yes, women love a guy with integrity, but too much honor and too much morality can actually end up in you missing out on some amazing opportunities out there. Live your life and stop worrying about what you should do. Just do.

NUMBER FOUR: Dress to Impress
It might not be enough for you to keep her around, but you can always attract a woman’s wandering eye if you’re wearing the right clothes and smelling good. Women have an eye for fashion, so try to be put together and show good taste in what you wear. Think Bond… James Bond.

Now that you’ve got her…Let’s see how you can keep her close and wanting more… 

NUMBER FIVE: Support Her
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had issues in my relationships because of this: either the guy was a great guy, but not supportive enough or he was a bad guy, but supported me enough to make me want to stay with him a while longer. Support goes a long way with women. Show her what she does matters to you and all you want is for her to be happy. (Happy wife/girlfriend = Happy life)

NUMBER SIX: Don’t Lie.
It’s a no brainer, I know, but guys don’t realize that no matter how much a woman loves them, if they deceive her and she loses her trust in them then almost all hope is lost. She’ll never feel the same. So, if she gives you her heart and puts it in your palm, don’t squish it. Treat it like a precious stone and guard it with your life for it is hard for a woman to give her heart away. Don’t make her regret it!

NUMBER SEVEN: Watch for the Signs
There is a really fine line between going too slow and rushing it. What do women like? Both. There are times when you need to take your time and there are other times when too long is just boring. Learn to read the rhythm of her body. If it’s just too hard for you, then try to mix it up. One day surprise her with flowers and a nice, elegant dinner. On a different day tease her to the max. Push her against the wall, pull her hair and make her feel wanted. Learn to be a gentleman and a tiger at the same time.

NUMBER EIGHT: Neglect and Boredom
Once you get her, don’t just assume that she’s yours and you can stop courting her. Women need to feel wanted. Pay her as many compliments as possible and don’t just tell her, “You look pretty,” or “You look beautiful”. There are days when she needs to hear: “You look so hot I want to rip your clothes off.” 

NUMBER NINE: All Woman are Not the Same
Don’t treat all women the same! This is a very common mistake. Men think that what worked on one woman is going to work on all of them. That’s wrong, gentlemen! There are women and WOMEN. Take the time to know your woman and if you need to ask her how she likes it, then don’t be afraid to do that.

NUMBER TEN: Take Initiative!
For the love of God, take control in bed! Don’t let her do all the work! Women love to be tossed around, thrown in this position and the next. Don’t just lie there like a Madonna, waiting for her to make the next move. You’re the man, show her the way. That’s why you’ve been named the head of the family. Be in control of your masculinity. Women love confident men who know what they’re doing in bed (even though sometimes they have no idea what they’re doing – but nobody will know that except you).


If you missed Madalina Coman’s original Dignified Devil interview back in June, now is your chance to catch up.

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