El Purista Smokers Armchair

If you are a cigar smoker (and you should be as far as the Devil is concerned) we have the chair for you. Inspired by an unfolding flower blossom and an open cigar box this chair comes in two sizes, is hand-crafted in Germany and designed for private homes and cigar lounges. The armchair is made of molded beech and walnut wood and offers the cigar aficionado a personal retreat to relax, smoke, and enjoy.

From the El Purist site:

The upholstery of the RA 1.15 is made of pure, ecofriendly aniline leather. This leather has a characteristic smooth and soft touch. The natural leather boasts a particularly high breathability and comfort. This aniline leather is dyed in a barrel where the transparent dyes penetrate the material and color the skin. No artificial pigments are applied to the surface. By doing so, the skin pores remain open and preserve natural features such as thorns, cracks, and insect bites. These characteristic features attest to the authenticity and high quality of this type of leather.

Only trees from sustainable German forests are used for RA 1.15’s corpus. The beech trees are harvested at the age of about 120 years. The trees used in RA 1.15 were likely young shoots at the time of the discovery of X-rays by the physicist W.C. Roentgen and the publication of the book The Time Machine by H.G. Wells in 1895. The inner layer of the chair body is made of beech wood and the top layer of walnut veneer. Other top veneer layers and a wide range of colors are available on request.
The production of RA 1.15 is complex and demands the highest standards of precision and artisanship. Expert handcraft is of the utmost importance in the manufacturing and processing of aniline leather, the preparation of the plywood, the assembly of the drawers, and the fitting of the covers. All these elements ensure that every RA 1.15 is unique. The chair is completely made in Germany.

About the manufacturer:

El Purist is a trademark of GfL GmbH Softwarelösungen. The company was established in the year 2012 and was a software developer for the hotel and catering industry. With RA 1.15 the realignment of the company was initiated. The headquarters of GfL GmbH Softwarelösungen is Sobrigauer Weg 5, 01257 Dresden.

About the designers:

Rodrigo Gonzalez was born in 1971 in Valparaiso, Chile. He studied architecture in Valparaiso and worked as a freelance architect in Chile before he moved to Spain. Mr. Gonzalez now lives with his family in Mallorca and designs both residential and industrial buildings.

Alexander Saucer was born in 1975 in Heidelberg, Germany. After his admission as a solicitor he worked in Barcelona and later as managing director of a German company in Verona. Mr. Sauer now lives with his family in Freiburg and works in renewable energies.

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Available: http://www.elpurista.de

  • April 22, 2016