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Brina Chantal Moreno 11

Brina Chantal Moreno

An Interview with a Dignified Woman

Interviewed by The DD Photography by Larsen Sotelo

Brina is a DJ (how cool is that?) and she is a no-nonsense woman living her life in the city of lost angels. She recently took some time to sit down with the DD and talk men, sex, relationships, pick-up lines and the mistake men make by trusting her, as she puts it, sweet face. Enjoy, gentlemen…

I really wanna get down to the brass tacks of being you. We assume men hit on you a lot (a curse of the attractive female species), how does that effect your life?

Brina Chantal Moreno: I do deal with it because I’m such a sweet girl. I never really learned to be mean. I guess I haven’t learned that part of life yet which kinda sucks (laughs). By far the worst are men that know you have a boyfriend and still try and get every little detail from you like phone numbers etc, all while trying to touch you. That I cannot handle. A guy with respect deserves respect back, it’s that simple. If they don’t understand that fact, back off… I’m not your girl.

So any cutting edge, state of the art pick-up lines out there we should know about?

BCM: Ohhhh yes. The best and probably my favorite is, “Do you have a map, because I’m getting lost in your eyes.” I think I’ve heard that one about four times now. Apparently my eyes make men get lost.

So you seem like a soldier on the front lines, how is the modern man doing? Is he better or worse than he was 5 years ago?

BCM: Of course better! From what I can tell the modern man is definitely more advanced, or so I’d like to think. Five years ago I felt like I was surrounded by little boys. A girl’s maturity level is definitely an advantage in the dating game. I was always dating older men because I could not deal with immaturity. Today, I find men seem more self-dedicated and don’t have time to waist. I like that in a man!

What is the one thing a guy can do to impress you and conversely one thing he can do to turn you off?

BCM: Being amazing at what he does is a huge turn on! And being cocky…actually scratch that… being horrible in bed, that definitely is a turn off. (laughs)

That brings us to the topic of sex. We have to ask since you’re a DJ and all, whats the connection if any to music and sex?

BCM: music + sex = the whole vibe.

You’re going to have to explain that.

BCM: Music is about expressing how you feel. If you’re listening to what you love during sex I guarantee it’ll be a more positive and wild experience. Trust me on this.

So you must have a good sex playlist then?

BCM: Sometimes I personally like to play my whole DJ set. It’s kinda kinky when I’m playing on stage with my boyfriend and we both know what we were doing last time we heard a particular song. But in general my sex playlist will always consist of electronic music! House, electro house, dubstep etc.

If your sex life was an album, which album would it be and why?

BCM: That’s hard, but I would have to say “Sex On Fire” By Kings of Leon. I think the title alone speaks for itself!

So I think we have established you as a sexual women. Do you disagree?

BCM: Sex is everything right?… (laughs) seriously. We all have fun having sex, we all fall in love through sex, we all release anger through sex, we makeup because of sex, and most of all find ourselves through sex. And as women we get to express the good and naughty side to what a girl desires and what we as women need.

I wanna focus on “releasing anger through sex.” How does that work, and more importantly how do we piss you off?

BCM: (laughs) Well we all know sex releases endorphins. That’s the number one reason we NEED sex. How could that possibly be bad for our bodies… think about it.

Men have a lot of ideas about women. Like men assume attractive women have it easy… I wanna know the other side of the coin. When you walk into a room of men, how does it feel, what is the first feeling you get?

BCM: Well we may have it easy, but always having it easy isn’t always the best. Walking into a room full of men actually catches me off guard at first. I may seem really confident yet I have this humble side to me.

Is it fair to say you feel in charge?

BCM: At times, of course!

Define yourself as a sexual being for me… what makes you stand out against the crowd?

BCM: My exotic look. I’m not your typical girl next door and to most men I find they find that sexy.

We here at the Dignified Devil think of women as super heroes. Do you have any sexual superpowers?

BCM: Being on top. Taking full control of any sexual encounter.

All sexual super heroes need an outfit, do you have one you favor?

BCM: Of course. Definitely cheeky bottoms and high heels!

Do you have a sexual extravagance you must have?

BCM: I have to have my toys. I can definitely be happy without them but adding a little more play into it always makes it that much better! It’s a simple equation really: vibrator + dildo+ lube = good time. (laughs)

Hold on… We are double checking your math… and yup, it turns out you’re correct. What about a word or phrase you might overuse in the realm of sex, every super hero has a catch phrase after all…

BCM: MORE… HARDER. Does that count?

What do you think men get right about women sexually, and what do they get wrong about women sexually?

BCM: I think men get right that we do love foreplay. It gets our mind going wild about what is about to happen next, and how good it’s going to feel. I think they get wrong that women are just as crazy for sex if not more than them. Let’s have more and more sex!

What is something so sexually taboo you would never do it, but it still turns you on?

BCM: Something sexually taboo? humm… My mind wanders on different fantasies I have, yet there is not much I really wouldn’t do… I would have to say something involving leather, lots of teasing and possibly more than just 2 people.

Any final thoughts before we let you go?

BCM: Nothing other than this: Don’t let my sweet little face fool you. Because what happens in bed may shock you! (laughs)

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