About Us

The Dignified Devil is not a media publishing platform that discusses men’s culture. Rather, The Dignified Devil is the written portraiture of a created persona–one which is further explored through each of the articles and topics presented within the site–which demonstrates the ultimate male, albeit fictional, that all men should aspire to become.

Each of the articles published within this site are written by individual authors but represent His interests, His personality, His lifestyle and flaunt the people in which He interacts.  The interviews are conducted with those that He would prefer to spend His time.  The opinions are those that represent His fictitious beliefs, while the women featured here, corporeal and authentic, are those that He has already allured.

Because He is confident, well-educated and accomplished, He has no need for arrogance.  Therefore, neither He nor the articles published here betray any of the bluster that comes from those who confuse  braggadocio with sophistication and experience.  Instead, they are assured in their presentation and engaging in their tone and style. And, because of that, those who know Him want to learn from Him, are inspired to better themselves through His beliefs, and are eager to continue spending time getting to know The Dignified Devil.